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ByteClasses provides a fun and engaging platform to learn coding and develop problem-solving skills for creators to tomorrow.Ages 12-18

Dear Parents

The benefits of coding for kids goes far beyond building websites. Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented reality, Robotics are just a few of the new technologies that have emerged over the last few years that rely on coding. Almost all the industries today are using programming to innovate and compete in the market. Learning how to code early can be a great decision because the benefits of coding help in building a strong foundation that is much needed in today’s world of technology.





Logic and


Web Development

Want to create beautiful websites and your own games, no problem. We have all you need. Find well curated courses all organized in a
learning path that would take you from beginner to an expert.

  • JavaScript
  • UI/UX
  • HTML
  • Canvas
  • Figma
  • CSS
  • Firebase
  • SQL
  • Node JS

Digital Library

When it comes to the field of Computer Science, just learning a how to code along with a few theoretical concepts is not enough. Digital library contains mini courses on a range of topics related to Computer Science that will help you boost your overall knowledge and provide an in depth understanding about the technologies around us.

Why ByteClasses?

Curriculum developed for young minds with tens of exercises and coding challenges

Rich and engaging animated courses along with quizzes to test your knowledge

Got Stuck, get your doubts cleared from Q&A section.

No need to worry about notes. Get a free eBook with all the notes

Have the flexibility in learning. Learn from anywhere, anytime

We have 3 days free trial. In case you don’t enjoy the course, get a full refund.

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