At ByteClasses, we leverage the technology in the form of videos, engaging content, quizzes with well-crafted up to date curriculum designed by experienced coders, so that learning how to code becomes fun and easy to learn for your child.

Curriculum developed for young minds

Learning new technologies and skills can be a very painful experience. One of the biggest hurdles is to deal with the vast amount of theory and numerous concepts that must be learnt. We make sure that when using our platform, you don’t have to face this challenge. We have a well-designed up to date curriculum that is split into multiple courses. All these courses are then arranged in a proper learning path that will gradually take you from an absolute beginner to an expert. At no point will you feel overloaded with vast amounts of theory.

Rich and engaging media content

Once you have sorted out the theory and the concepts. The second biggest hurdle is to stay focused and motivated till the end. Leaning anything new can become very boring and tedious after some time. And this where our specially designed courses come into the picture. We make use of rich media like animations, coding challenges and quizzes to engage you and make sure that you stay interested and motivated till the end of the course.

Doubt Clearing

It is impossible to learn something and not get stuck. Don’t worry, we have got that covered as well. We have a separate QnA section where you can get you doubts cleared in no time. All you have to do is post your question and one of our teachers will resolve your doubt in no time.

Free eBook and resource file

When you purchase a course, you get a free eBook that contains all the notes so that revising the concepts becomes a breeze for you. And just like the course, the eBook is also designed carefully using well curated illustrations and graphics. Along with that you get the resource file that contains all the solutions to the exercises and coding challenges.

Learn anywhere, anytime

Our courses are pre-recorded. So, you get the flexibility of watching them from anywhere and at any time. You can study at your own pace and all you need is a computer.

Free 3-day trial period

Our courses come with a 3-day trial period. If you don’t like the product, you can get a full refund within the first 3 days of the purchase.

So, what are you waiting for? Learn how to create websites, games and much more.