What is coding?

A code is nothing but a sequence of instructions that tells a computer what to do. We can use many languages like Python, JavaScript for providing these instructions. Hence, coding is all about how we communicate with computers. In modern world, a code is the foundation of all the technology that we see around us. Right from basic websites and apps to highly sophisticated self-driving cars and drones, everything utilizes some kind of code as the foundation.

Coding helps children understand technology

In today’s world, technology continues to evolve at an astonishing rate. More and more people and companies are adopting different kinds of technology to improve their products and compete in the market. And it doesn’t end here, today, almost every industry utilizes technology in some form or other.
Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented reality, Robotics are just a few of the new technologies that have emerged over the last few years that rely on coding.
Learning how to code can help you in understanding how all these technologies work and how they are used to solve various types of problems.

Coding promotes logical thinking

Decomposition and pattern recognition are the two of the most basic concepts in coding. When you learn coding, you learn how to understand complex problems and break them into simpler and easy to manage tasks. Along with that you learn how to identify different patterns and apply your existing experience to solve newer problems.
Doing these regularly boosts the capability to think logically. And not only that, but it also fosters the problem-solving skills in children who code.

Coding enhances creativity

Coding allows the children to explore their creative sides. After all coding is all about building stuff. How cool is it to create your website and add your own blogs or create a game from scratch and then play it with your friends? Coding enables you to do all these things.
Another great advantage that comes with creativity is the curiosity. When you learn and start building things on your own, the curiosity to explore and learn something new also increases. And this curiosity bundled with creativity can help you build a solid foundation of knowledge and experience with different technologies.

Coding enhances critical and analytical skills

When we are solving any problem, it is not necessary that we arrive at the solution in the first go. Coding requires to proper analysis of the problem and experimenting with different methods of solving it. More importantly it requires patience when an approach doesn’t work, and we must think of a new way of solving the problem. Hence, coding not only helps in developing critical and analytical skills, but also other qualities like thinking out of the box, patience, and persistence.

So, what are you waiting for? Learn how to create websites, games and much more.