Web Development for Rookies




Internet has been the most important single development in the human history. It has opened the doors that people could have never imagined. In this digital age, it is rightly said that “The internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow”.

As we are progressing, more and more people are accessing internet for all their needs. No matter it is a big company or small one, no matter it a government organization or one single person, Internet has become one of the most important pillars of our life.

And this is what brings us to the subject of Web development that allows us to learn the skills to make our own websites and then use them to share our knowledge and experiences with the world.

Web development is a very complex topics yet it is very interesting and allows us to display our creative sides. Through this course, we are giving you the opportunity to take the first step into the world of Web development.

Now you may wonder, that OK, I do get all this stuff about the internet, but there are so many courses out there and then there is YouTube. Why should I take this course?

Well here are the reasons that make this course unique:

  1. Unlike most other courses, this is not a boring course where you are continuously looking at a code editor and trying to focus in what the instructor is saying. We use numerous animations to make the learning much more easy and fun.
  2. You will be getting exercises at the end of videos that would help you understand the concepts even better.
  3. What’s more…we also have quizzes that can challenge you and help you understand your strengths and weaknesses.
  4. This course even has 4 mini projects where you can test you knowledge
  5. Along with all this, you will also get an eBook that has all the notes from various topics to help you revise concepts.
  6. And last but not the least…You can also ask questions on out portal and get answers within an hour.


So, let’s begin the journey of web development together.


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